The Safeflame unit is different from most of the “Flame from water” that are available in the market that utilise the HHO technology. Safeflame generates Hydrogen and Oxygen gases separately using just water and electricity input. The gases are combusted in a brazing torch and offers advantages as an alternative to oxy-acetylene and oxy-propane.

The hydrogen and oxygen are generated separately and the mixture is controlled to deliver a precise stoichiometric, oxidising or reducing flame.

The length of the flame and heat flux imparted to the work piece can be adjusted instantaneously by adjusting the power input to the electrolyser stack. This provides a more flexible and user friendly solution.

The Safeflame approach eliminates the need for any stored gases, removing explosion hazards and improving process portability.

Key Features

  • High temperature ~2700C, high heat flux but uniform heat transfer
  • Quiet operation and silent flame
  • Powered from 230-240V electric supply for units up to 15LPM
  • Low running costs
  • Suitable for brazing numerous materials