FAQ - Pure Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Machine


1.Does your machine need to add KOH or any other chemical substance in water ?

No, KOH is corrosive to inner wall of engine. We don’t use any chemical substance, completely environment-friendly.

2.Can we fill tap water in the tank ?

Tap water is not recommended. Pure water ( 2MΩ deinoised water or secondary distilled water which only contains hydrogen element and oxygen element), if use other water which contains impurities, the impurities will be accumulated on the internal of hydrogen fuel cell ( the core part of the machine) and shorten its life-span.

3.What’s the working principle of your machine ?

The advanced "PEM" (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology is applied to this engine cleaning machine, which generates the high purity hydrogen by electrolyzing the pure water. Under the ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, the hydrogen is conveyed directly into the combustion chamber of the operational engine, in which, the hydrogen is converted into hydrogen ions burning with the carbon deposit and oil sludge to generate carbon dioxide and water, so as to remove the carbon deposit effectively and clean the engine as well. Below is the chemical equation in the combustion chamber:


The hydrogen is converted into hydrogen ions in a certain condition   H2→2H+

The high activated hydrogen ions combined with carbon deposit and oil sludge in the combustion chamber are converted into carbon dioxide and water which is discharged with the car exhaust:



4.Which models do you have ?

GR-1000, GR-2000, GR-3000 and GR-5000

5.Which colors are available ?

Blue / White,  Blue / Green,  Blue / Yellow or the ones you prefer we can customize.

6.Does your machine need any maintenance?

Actually there is not much to be maintained, except for refilling and cleaning water tank and changing silicone gel.


  1. Refill water tank. Please kindly note that our machine can only use pure water (>2MΩ deionized water or secondary distilled water, water only contains hydrogen element and oxygen element), if use other kind of water which contains impurities (all the matters except for hydrogen element and oxygen element are called impurities here), the impurities will be accumulated on the internal of hydrogen fuel cell ( the core part of the machine) and shorten its life-span. Although the water consumption is very little, take GR-3000 for an example, it's maximum water consumption is 150ml/min. Two functions for water tank: A. provide water to cell    B. help heat dissipation    


  1. Clean water tank:  Clean the water tank every one month or two to avoid bacteria growing in water tank and going into fuel cell (core part of the machine), this will help prolong machine’s life-span.


  1. Silicone gel: The function of these silicon gel is to absorb moisture. The hydrogen gas is split from pure water, and hydrogen gas from fuel cell is with some moisture, the silicone gel is helping drying hydrogen gas. Please check the pictures in attachment for color references. Dry silicon gels are in dark blue, it will turn in red gradually. When half of the silicon gels in bottle turn red, you need to change for new ones. But when you put the red ones in dryer to remove moisture, it will turn blue again, and it can be recycled used again.